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A Happy New Year (Sample Erotic Story)

I licked the sweet glued edge of the rolling paper, flipping up the packed tube of tobacco with my thumbs to meet the sticky strip. I turned the cigarette over, admiring my handiwork. Something so much more satisfying about rolling my own. I pushed away the sneaking thought that I'd only started doing this after the break up, another way to occupy disobedient straying thoughts.

I took the first tasty drag, knowing none of the rest would compete, trying not to internalize the fleeting notion that maybe it was the same way with girls. My cell phone buzzed against the table and I let it go, not wanting to force normalcy into my voice. I couldn't fault my friends for trying – it was New Years Eve after all, and who wouldn't be trying to get a newly single guy out on this most-easy-to-pick-up night?

I could just hear Jeremy laughing, describing the mounting desperation as midnight grew nearer, wide eyes searching the rooms for any old lips to mash against as noisemakers blew and a crummy recording of Auld Lang Syne belted from the speakers. I wouldn't mind the lip-mashing and the awkward tonguing tonight, but I couldn't face getting to that point, or thinking of something to say afterwards.

My dick tried to make a case for it, thickening inside my pants, reminding me of the lack of action in that department since Sally's crushing “I think we'd be better as friends” line.

My cell phone rang again, chirping out the high-pitched ringtone reserved solely for Sally's calls. I should really change that to something less happy, I thought, grabbing the phone and waiting the requisite three rings before hitting TALK.


“Hey, Nick?” She sounded out of breath, her pants magnified by the phone, sounding just like she did when I took her from behind, grabbing her beautiful hips and pushing gasps of breath out between perfect lips. “Nick, hello?” Fuck.

“Hey Sally. What's up?”

“Nick are you home? I-I need some help, I'm like five minutes away.”

“OK, yeah, sure. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, it's not me, it's Jessie. You remember my cousin?”

I'm not sure any guy could forget her cousin. I remember meeting her at a pool party last summer, irresistibly touchable curves, skin so smooth I ached to run my tongue over it and make sure it was real, a red bikini on an ass begging to be held, legs you wanted wrapped around your face.

“Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I remember.”

“I gotta go, Nick, I – I 'll see you in a few, k?”

“Alright. See you soon.”

I glanced around my place, bundling the pile of dirty laundry under my bed. I piled some dishes in the sink, and resurveyed. Good enough.

The buzzer to my apartment erupted with its usual obnoxiousness, and I punched the code to let them in. A tapping at the door, slightly more timid than it used to be, which I appreciated.

I opened the door to Sally and a very giggly Jessie, drenched from head to toe. Her darkened hair clung to her cheeks, raindrops rolling down her neck and over her chest.

“Oh, hi Nicky!” She draped her arms around me, pressing her wet breasts against my chest. “It's so good to see you!”

“Nice to see you too, Jessie.”

Sally met my eyes. “She's pretty gone, Nick. She was just dancing around in the rain. We're all supposed to go out, but she's not gonna make it through the night. I was just wondering if...well, do you think she could cool off here? Do you have plans? I can try and get her home, but it's far.”

“Nah, Sal. No plans. I'm not in a New Year's mood. She can chill here.”

“Thanks Nick. I knew I could trust you.” She slung one friendly arm around my neck, pecking my cheek with one friendly kiss. “You rock.”

“Yeah you have fun. Jess can crash on the couch if you wanna pick her up in the morning.”

“Cool. That'd be great. Seriously, thank you.”

“Don't worry about it.”

“OK, I gotta run. Jessie, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Sally darling!” Jessie was just as friendly with the hugs and breast-pressing with Sally, giving me a great-for-later visual of the two tank tops pushed up against each other, the round tops of their boobs almost spilling over and touching, Jessie's still glistening with water, soft white necks briefly stroking against one another.

The door clicked shut, leaving me standing in front of a flushed-cheeked Jessie. She was all made up for the night out, wearing a black top with a straight neckline, cutting across right at the point where her cleavage began. Just one little shadow of a line, a promise of warm softness, a promise that rose and fell with her every breath, rivulets of water all finding their way down into that darkened space.

My eyes met hers, her pupils massively dilated even in the dimness of my apartment. She seemed to be searching my face for something, unabashedly content in a way that indicated intoxication far beyond alcohol.

“Hey, have a seat,” I indicated the freshly-cleared couch. “I'm gonna grab you a towel. You wanna watch something?”

“Ummm sure. Guess I have to stay home and be a good girl now.”

“Yeah, you do,” I said, trying not to stare as she bent over to pick up the remote. Underwear had obviously not factored in to her plans for the evening, and the thin material of her skirt left nothing to my imagination, wetly clinging to the small round globes of her ass.

I handed her a towel, sat down on the opposite corner of the couch, and relit my half-gone smoke. Jessie began drying herself, rubbing her arms dry first, turning and bending again to reach her feet and legs. She turned around and began towelling her shoulders, closing her eyes as she stroked the towel over her breasts. She put one bare foot up on the coffee table, drying her leg all over again, inching upwards, above her knee, pushing the towel up her thighs under her skirt, rubbing. Everything was still as I watched her, face at peace, circular motions beneath her sodden skirt.

“Mmm,” she moaned as if drifting away, then snapped back to the present. She opened her eyes, still wide with pleasure. “All...dry,” she giggled again, dropping the towel.

“You want some dry clothes?” I asked, trying to keep the rasp out of my voice.

“Sure!” She began peeling off the tank top, wet material rolling down down until hardened nipples peeked over the edge.

“Woah, woah. Jessie, hold on. You can change in my room.” I deserved some sort of medal, showing her into the next room and handing her one of my only clean t-shirts and a pair of pajama bottoms.

She emerged moments later, the hem of the t-shirt hanging just beneath her ass, holding the pjs in one hand. “They didn't fit,” she said, “they fell down,” and I couldn't argue.

She sat down on the couch, and I forced myself to train my eyes on the TV, the white of the t-shirt riding up over thighs an arm's reach away. She'd left the TV on MTV, the squeals of the Times Square party innocuous enough as background. I started rolling another cigarette, in no denial now about the distracting properties of the activity.

As I lit up, Jessie's glance landed on the cigarette with a hunger I recognized.

“Here,” I handed her the cigarette, watching her place pouty lips around it, touchingly careful not to coat the end with her lipstick. I tried not to imagine her lips wrapping around something else, sucking in with equal vigor.

“Mmm, man, I feel good,” Jessie arched her neck back, resting her head on the back of the couch. Her pale skin became translucent over her throat, a silky expanse stretching up to her jawline, the curve just under her jaw crying out to be kissed, a grazing tongue melting her, tingling her skin.

She opened those dark pools of eyes again, turning to me and placing her hand brazenly high up my thigh. “Come on, Nicky,” she said, “we might as well have some fun tonight.”

I swallowed, removing her hand with wooden motions. “Jessie, believe me, I'd love to have fun. But we really shouldn't. Sally left you here to stay safe.”

“We can be safe,” she said, putting two fingers into her mouth, training her eyes on mine as she slid her lips down her fingers, all the way down.

“Jesus, Jessie. We can't – I'm not...Sally'd kill me.”

“Aw,” Jessie pouted, over-dramatic with her raised eyebrows, her soft lips sticking out at me, “big bad Sally's gonna beat you up?”

“No – I just – stay here. I'll be back in a second.”

Jessie's eyes flickered at the rejection, and she shrugged as if to rid her body of the sensation. I sidestepped out of the room, angling the bulge in my pants away from her line of sight and bolting for the bathroom.

I pressed my forehead against the cool relief of the tiles. What was Sally thinking, dropping off her hot-as-hell, horny cousin on my doorstep and telling me she trusted me? Was this some kind of sick test? I took a deep breath, realizing this was my first thought of Sally since she'd left the apartment, and my longest Sally-free mental stretch yet. Wow. I gotta get back out there to freedom, I thought, and do my level best not to fuck my ex's stunning cousin. OK, good plan.

I flushed the toilet and ran the faucet, faking some other purpose to my bathroom jaunt, and went into the kitchen. I rinsed out two glasses, filling hers with water, mine with the remaining inch of a vodka bottle and topping it off with orange juice.

I carried the glasses back into the living room, Jessie was caressing her own head, running her fingers through damp hair, the sexiest shampoo commercial ever performed on my couch.

“Got you some water,” I put the glass down in front of her, taking refuge on the recliner with my drink.

“Thanks,” she said coolly, and I figured I was out of hot water. I downed my drink faster than usual, trying to focus on that instead of Jessie's nipples poking at the thin t-shirt material with her every shift. I turned my attention to the increasingly frenzied sounds of the MTV partyers.

“You ever been to New York?” Jessie asked, sounding bored. I couldn't help agreeing that naked fumbling would be far preferable to stumbling conversation.

“No. I always plan on going, and the something comes up. I'd still love to go.”

“Me too,” she nodded, “I don't think I could live there. But I can't wait to visit.”

“We should go,” I said, wondering what the fuck I'd just said.

“Yeah? That'd be...nice.”

“Jessie, I'm sorry this is awkward. I can't tell you how much I want to, well, do anything with you, but it doesn't feel right. I feel like a jackass.”

“You're being a jackass,” she said, and sat up taller, “Nick, why does Sally still get to dictate your every move? You guys aren't even together anymore. She's probably out right now hooking up, and you're padlocking the chastity belt here. I don't get it...unless you just don't want me.” The eyes, so pumped with happiness just minutes before, now circling the drain of sadness.

“Jessie, no! Of course I want you. What the hell do you think I was doing in the bathroom?”

Her giggle returned. “Trying to get your hard-on to go down.”

I grinned, “Damn. I thought I hid that.”

“Yeah, the erection shuffle was cute,” she paused, “I want it back.”

She stood up, fingers on the tantalizing t-shirt hem before she began to raise it up, a trimmed triangle of hair pointing down to pink, peeking lips, up over her smooth belly, up over handful-sized breasts with nipples still puckered and hard, raising her arms up above her head so her whole ribcage moved upwards, presenting her breasts on a platter of perfect skin.

I sat there staring, already halfway hard again. Jessie put one hand on my shoulder, holding me back in the chair, and straddled my lap, her legs cocked up on the arms of the recliner. She pressed her lips onto my mouth, moving against me insistently. I started kissing her back, letting my arms explore all this naked girl wrapped around me, her tongue pushing just hard enough between my lips.

I cupped one of her breasts, running my palm over the hard nipple, gently holding her whole breast as if weighing it. Her skin was as incredibly smooth and soft as it looked, yielding instantly to my touches, giving way to firmness beneath. I kept stroking her back, sensing her tingle every time my fingers reached the top of her ass, her tongue darting with more abandon.

“Here, Jessie,” I pulled back from the kiss, “lie down on the couch. I have some apologizing to do.”

She looked at me, confused, but lay back on the couch, her arms thrown back again. I opened her knees, guiding one leg so her foot was planted on the floor, and she smiled, understanding. I bent my head between her legs, my lips feeling her moist warmth before I touched her. I parted her lips with my hands, letting my breath caress her. She was already slick from our kissing, and I began kissing her clitoris, making up for my idiocy denying her, making her arch her back for more. I slipped a finger inside her, crooking it slightly as I moved it in and out, keeping my mouth firmly in place. Her wetness made everything easier to find, my tongue flicking at her swollen clit, fingers swirling inside her.

Jessie was moaning now, and her hands were scrabbling in my hair, keeping me in position as she began bucking against my face. I felt muscles deep inside her clench around my fingers, let go, and spasm again as she cried out. I started going slower, drawing her out, circling her clit while pushing my fingers faster. Her cries changed to wails and the spasms continued, shaking her whole body now to one final arch, before she collapsed down onto the couch.

She looked at me in shock, her body still subject to the occasional spasm. “Wow, Nick. Wow. Woah,” she shook her head, disbelieving.

“Here – you're OK. Come here,” I opened my arms and she crawled gratefully into my embrace, resting her head on my chest, her arms clinging around me. I stroked her messy hair, tousled and sexier than any styling could make it.

“Holy fuck,” she said, “that was amazing. You're so good at that!”

“Thanks,” I said, thrown off-kilter somewhat by her worshipful eyes.

We sat, comfortable and companionable now, my arm around her shoulders, my other hand playing with her breasts. She began running her fingers up and down my thigh, exploring a little higher each time. My dick strained against my pants, and her fingers found it, tracing up and down before she held me tight. “Mmm,” I groaned, wanting out of clothing. As if on command, Jessie unbuckled my belt, getting through buttons and zippers in record time, and pulling everything off me. My dick sprang free of its constraints, rock hard and pulsing to be inside some part of her.

She scooped her hair back with one hand and took the head of my dick between her lips, tongue moving over me. It was a physical effort to hold my hips back from pushing forward, sinking my whole cock into her warm mouth. She was getting there though, rolling her lips down my shaft the way I'd imagined, a fraction of an inch at a time, as though giving me a tour of her mouth. Her tongue, hot and wet underneath, the ridges on the roof of her mouth giving way to the soft slickness of her palate, further back the softest, softest part at the back of her throat. When she had me all the way back there, she swallowed, and I thought I was going to explode right there, rocketing cum straight down her throat.

She pulled back, began sucking, up and down, lips tight around me. I explored her body with my hands, pushing down the muscles of her back to knead her ass, my other hand in her hair. Jessie repositioned herself, freeing up her hand and began massaging my balls as she licked my cock with long tongue strokes, alternating her licking with taking me all the way into her mouth, the head of my cock grazing the back of her throat, before pulling back, licking again. Every time she plunged her mouth down over me I got closer and closer, knowing that two successive thrusts would finish me off for sure.

Suddenly she stopped all mouth action, her hand still playing with my balls. “I want you inside me,” she said, “lie down.”

I lay back on the couch, absolutely unable to refuse her anything at this point, and she straddled me again, grabbing hold of my cock and rubbing the tip against her clit. She was still soaking wet and my cock slid around with ease. She kept using me to pleasure herself, making me ache to drive deep inside her. My hands went for her hips, trying to guide her onto me, but she was there, once again with perfect timing, guiding my cock between her hot lips and pushing her hips to mine, taking me all the way in and tightening around the base of my cock.

She was so soft, warmer than her mouth, tightly clenching around me as she started riding me, one hand pushing on my chest as she slid up and down. I reached up for her bouncing breasts, taking her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pressing down. She gasped, riding me harder, grinding her pelvis against mine for deeper penetration. This time, I did grab her ass, pulling on her ass cheeks hard to open her lips, grinding back against her, wanting to find something that lay just beyond my reach, just a fraction deeper. I kept pushing, aching for it, feeling warmth building, swelling, and squeezed her ass tighter, knowing I was reaching it, that it was right there, and then the warmth surged up the length of me, jetting deep into her, two, then three, then four pounding strokes clutching onto that perfect flesh and then sinking back into familiar couch cushions.

I felt her pushing my hair back from my forehead, only realizing then that my eyes were still closed. I opened them to meet her gaze.

“Look,” she said, gesturing to the TV. The countdown was blaring as the sparkling ball began its descent, falling with every last second of the dying year. As the crystalline dome reached the bottom, Jessie kissed me.

“Happy New Year,” she said.

My penis twitched inside her. “Happy New Year,” I agreed.

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