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"She started sliding up and down me, rocking forward slightly and sitting back, so my cock pressed against the front wall of her pussy. As I pushed inside her, I heard her moan, felt her clench around me each time I hit the same spot."

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"He began stripping me, pulling off my tank top, letting me stand for a while in just my black, lacy bra, before he unhooked that too, leaving me completely naked in front of the fifteen men."

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"She let go then, cramming the whole of Konrad's cock deep into her mouth as she orgasmed, her body shaking and shuddering with pleasure, rocking back against the two cocks shoved deep inside her ass and pussy. As she finished, Leo, beneath her, picked up on her rhythm, grabbing onto her hips and banging his dick faster and faster in and out of her slippery, dripping hole, still spasming from the effort of cumming."

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