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An excerpt from “A Happy New Year” :

She scooped her hair back with one hand and took the head of my dick between her lips, tongue moving over me. It was a physical effort to hold my hips back from pushing forward, sinking my whole cock into her warm mouth. She was getting there though, rolling her lips down my shaft the way I'd imagined, a fraction of an inch at a time, as though giving me a tour of her mouth. Her tongue, hot and wet underneath, the ridges on the roof of her mouth giving way to the soft slickness of her palate, further back the softest, softest part at the back of her throat. When she had me all the way back there, she swallowed, and I thought I was going to explode right there, rocketing cum straight down her throat.

She pulled back, began sucking, up and down, lips tight around me. I explored her body with my hands, pushing down the muscles of her back to knead her ass, my other hand in her hair. Jessie repositioned herself, freeing up her hand and began massaging my balls as she licked my cock with long tongue strokes, alternating her licking with taking me all the way into her mouth, the head of my cock grazing the back of her throat, before pulling back, licking again.

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